About Me

I am Jayraj. I'm a versatile web programmer with front-end and back-end experience. I've started a company that didn't quite work out. I'm interested in things like personal finance and soccer.

What I do

I write code

I think about making interactions and transactions quicker and more useful to everyone.

Where I work

I currently work at BitTorrent, helping make the Internet better and more open. It's awesome

Previously, I worked at Dell Wyse as a front-end engineer for PocketCloud Web

In the past, I co-founded Jajavy, creator of Kanjus, the punchcard you can share

What I like

I am passionate about JavaScript, Python and Clojure. I take a keen interest in usability & web and application design

I occassionally made fun of tech news on my blog. These days, I write about happier things.