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I now have a reading list on my blog.

As you can see, it’s divided into fiction and non-fiction, with non-fiction further divided into technical and non-technical books.

I have a mental list of books that I want to read, but always draw a blank when I’m actually at the library. This list will help with that.

The first book I read on the list was On Writing by Stephen King. I’ve read plenty of fiction by Stephen King. Some good (Everything’s Eventual, The Dead Zone, The Running Man, the sometimes sappy Hearts in Atlantis), and some very forgettable (The Regulators, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon). So I’ve been meaning to hear the great man talk about his craft. He did not disappoint me. But now, in his classification of writers (great, good, competent, bad), I worry that I am one of the bad ones. The ones who he says can never become competent.

The reading list page also has Amazon.com referral links. I don’t really need the money; it’s just a way of keeping score. I will donate any cash I make from the page to the EFF.

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